Airplane acquisition

Acquiring an airplane, lease or purchase, requires high-skill, knowledge and experience to meet specific requirements of clients at all times. Our team is comprised of high-skilled technician and experienced experts who are ready to deal with the whole process of the transactions. Since 2002, we have completed a good number of deals of lease and purchase on behalf of LCCs and investors.

Operating lease of ATR72 and Fokker 100 for start-up airlines, B737s for LCCs in Korea and A320s, B737s for air operators in Cambodia and a B767-200 for operator in Philippines.

Arrangement of sale and lease back of one B737-400 with a British leasing company on behalf of Korea Asset Management entity to lease it back to a LCC in Korea.

We can offer custom-tailored ‘sale and lease-back’ solutions to airlines which desires flexibility to manage its fleet, in association with reliable leasing companies and investors, home and abroad.